Shimmies, hip bumps, snake arms (and more) - get moving and have fun doing it!


Express yourself through dance! Move to beautiful music and learn about this wonderful Middle Eastern dance form.


Make Shimmy Sisters (and Brothers) at classes, workshops, and performances -- so much to do!





What my students think

Well, I’m pretty new to bellydance (in my second session) but I have a lot of dance experience. That being the case, I find that Mariza’s class not only challenges me but is also a lot of fun. Every class gives me something I can feel proud of accomplishing AND something that makes me grit my teeth and say, “I’ll have to practice that later.” She’s got a warm and friendly personality and I love that she makes adjustments to each class based on how the class is doing … meaning she’s not totally locked into her plan for the day. I like that she focuses so much on technique but also demonstrates and often comments on the need to “perform,” especially in our faces! It’s a great class. Friendly people. Give it a shot! Robin
Classes are so fun! Mariza is a great dancer and teacher. She frequently asks for class feedback, and is able to speed up or slow down depending on what the class wants. As a result, we are always learning at our level. She can come up with complex combinations that could challenge highly experienced dancers, but also breaks the moves down so they are easy to learn. She has a wonderful sense of humor, which keeps classes fun. Naaja
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for being a teaching artist for the Howard County Community Dance Festival. The dancers and studio representatives spoke very highly of your teaching. My favorite comment was, “OMG the class was so hard, but so fun!”. Nicole McClam, Howard County Community Dance Festival Coordinator
Well, I keep coming back, so [the classes] must be pretty good. Eliza, student with a gift for understatement :)
I Love Bellydance Classes with Mariza! I’ve had alot of different teachers and am happy to say she is among the best of them! We often end up laughing our way through the challenging drills and then have fun putting new skills to use in short combos in the technique class. I also love our ensemble class! Mariza’s choreos are fresh and she is very open to the goals and desires each student. I always look forward to class and always leave feeling better than when I came. Love you Mariza!! Charlotte
I almost quit Rotary for your Thursday night classes! Moira, who now comes to Monday nights instead ;)

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