Frequently Asked Questions

Who can belly dance?

Belly dance is for all shapes, sizes, fitness levels, and genders. This is a low-impact dance form that is accessible to everybody. I am happy to provide modifications or suggestions during class - whether you have an injury that needs a workaround or you would like more of a challenge, I'm happy to accommodate!

What do I wear to class?

You can wear whatever you usually wear to work out - yoga pants and a tank top are good options. I prefer that you don't wear large, billowing garments that may keep me from seeing your movement or cause you to get tangled up. We do not wear shoes in class; if you are uncomfortable going barefoot please bring ballet slippers or jazz shoes. Socks can be problematic (they are slippery).

You do not have to show your belly if you don't want to! Hip scarves are optional but fun - you can find some affordable ones on Amazon.

I've taken belly dance before. Will I be bored? 

All dancers can benefit from revisiting and polishing their basics! That said, more advanced dancers are given additional challenges during the drill portions.

Is there an age limit for this class?

Although belly dance is all-ages, the gym requires that minors be accompanied by a guardian and small children are not allowed in the studios. If you are interested in children's classes, click here to visit Nina Amaya's website.

Where do I park?

There is an on-site parking garage and the MAC validates up to 2 hours. The entrance is on S Exeter St, right across from the Whole Foods.

Do you offer performance opportunities?

I do occasionally put on a student recital that all students are welcome to participate in. I also direct a semi-professional performance troupe, Lazuli Dance Company, for more advanced and serious dancers.

Do you teach on any other days?

Currently, I only offer classes on Thursday nights. I hope to offer more classes starting in 2017.