About Mariza

Photo by Aubrey Garwood

Hello! My name is Mariza and I am a belly dance artist and instructor in the Ellicott City, MD area. I have over 15 years of belly dance experience: performing as a soloist and with groups; teaching classes and directing troupes; and producing dance events (concerts). Click here to view my dance CV.

Aliceanna and I make up the award-winning duo, io. I was also the director of the erstwhile Lazuli Dance Company; my dance friends and I still get together every once and while to do something fun. I LOVE working with groups and dancing with my friends–creating art together!

I believe that every body has the right to movement and creative expression. I’m committed to creating a positive environment–be it in class or a show–where all people can experience the joy of dance.

I am a certified Bellydance Cohesion Stage 1 instructor. Bellydance Cohesion is a comprehensive bellydance program created by April Rose. It brings together some of the most fascinating and enjoyable aspects of bellydance: movement, music, and history. Classic and current styles. Body, mind, and heart. I am excited to share this program with you!

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