Choreography Creation: Floor Mapping

I’m going to blog along as I work on a choreography to “Andah Aleik” for my duo, io. Feel free to leave a comment with your process–I’m curious to know how people approach choreography. I’m going to take it step by step! Except sometimes I don’t always follow these steps. Whatevs. I hope it will be useful to you as you work on your own choreographies…or I hope you find it vaguely amusing. 🙂

So, you’ve got your sections. Now what?! It’s time to map out your floor patterns so you know where you’re going on stage.


  1. Draw a floor map or pattern for each section, which represents how you will travel on the stage. You can note how many counts per “leg” of the pattern
  2. Film yourself walking–just walking–the floor map to make sure you aren’t spending too much time standing around, ending up in weird areas of the stage, etc. Adjust as needed
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