Choreography Creation: Developing Movement Through Improvisation

I’m blogging along as I work on a choreography to “Andah Aleik” for my duo, io. Feel free to leave a comment with your process–I’m curious to know how people approach choreography. I’m going to take it step by step! Except sometimes I don’t always follow these steps. Whatevs. I hope it will be useful to you as you work on your own choreographies…or I hope you find it vaguely amusing. 🙂

Up until now, everything I’ve done has been pretty procedural and can be completed in less than an hour (except listening to the song 100 times). Now I start the actual process of developing movement…which is why I’ve been putting this post off. It’s hard. 😀

TL;DR: Take one section of a song and put it on repeat. Improvise along your floor map X times in a row–I do 5 times, which is an arbitrary number that seems to work for me. Review your video and pull out what you like. Working in shorter sections is nice because you can notice what you like and start developing it right away, as opposed to doing the whole song and then trying to remember what the thing was that you liked and when it happened.

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