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Dancing Digitally: Teaching Online Dance Classes and Performing Online

I started writing this post like a million years ago and never posted it. So… here you go! Some observations and lessons learned from teaching dance online and watching and participating in online dance performances. This is not a technical post.

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Putting on a Belly Dance Show: How Do?

I wrote this post in 2018 on my personal blog. I’ve re-posted here because, well, it makes sense to have it here. 🙂

Earlier this month I survived my fifth annual (except I missed a couple years) big belly dance show! I wanted to share a bit about what putting on a show entails and what lessons I’ve learned.

This isn’t really a step-by-step process and I’ve just sort of organized Things I Think are Good Ideas in general sections. This is about self-produced belly dance shows that are small in the scheme of things, but big compared to the informal stuff we usually do. I do insert some comments about smaller haflas here and there because I can’t help myself.

I’m not saying I put on the best shows and don’t have room for improvement – in fact, writing this is my attempt to reflect and get better. So if you’ve been to or in one of my shows and thought something was dumb about it, please (politely) tell me so I can fix it!

If you have anything to add from your experiences, please leave a comment!

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